Pilates is many things- but most of all movement!

The Red Thread Ranch

Upon returning to the Ranch many say they have come home- this fills my heart beyond words, as this is what I wanted to create. A home for instructors to further their education, a safe and supported atmosphere where play, creativity and hard work would live, A home for Pilates.

I can still hear the words of my Mentors - you must FEEL the work in your body, you must experience it to teach it. Never a more true statement has been made. You may have heard the Chocolate Cake analogy- if you haven’t tasted Chocolate Cake, I can describe it a million ways and you STILL won’t know what Chocolate Cake tastes like! Well, Pilates is the same! I wanted to create a place for teachers to further their education, not by sitting and watching one or two Students demonstrate, but by doing the exercises and teaching the exercises under the guidance of Instructors who have taught real students for decades. A place where they were supported and questions were answered. A place where they where hands on and able to receive feed back from fellow teachers. A place to call home and learn what Chocolate Cake tastes like.

This is the Ranch - my dream, my heart, my passion- Our home.