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Fix Your Feet - Using the Pilates Method

Put Your Best Foot Forward Bunions, fallen arches, curled up toes and plantar fascitis beware- some simple exercises can combat and conquer these problems! These exercises have been reforming and refreshing tired achy feet for decades. Little devices- such as elastic bands off the head of a bunch of broccoli, a tennis ball or your hand towel that innocently hangs in your bathroom, can be formidable weapons in the war against foot pain. These tools, used correctly, really get the circulation going. Beginning from the bottom up, at the start of a day or as a sweet ending the choice is yours - either way you win. For thousands of years the benefits of reflexology have been enjoyed. This book takes it further -by increasing ankle stability, flexibility, alignment and propulsion. These exercises are often used to help develop speed for an athlete and the arch jump of the dancer. At the end of the day- it just plain feels GREAT. Here is my favorite exercise to become refreshed and revitalized- from the bottom up! This book is for everyone- to prevent pain, to relieve pain or to move you forward with strength and alignment. Get ready to put your Best Foot Forward