My goal is not to tell my instructors what to think but to teach them to think for themselves

The Red Thread® of Pilates: The High/Electric Chair

The High/Electric Chair is a crucial apparatus in the building of a strong Pilates Foundation. I didn’t appreciate its versatility until my son came to me with a football player who had shattered his collarbone. This boy was a high school senior and the break had occurred a week prior to opening day. My sons’ belief in the Method and his Mother was greater than mine, but he was right. There was a way for me to train this boy, who couldn’t lie down and had never trained before. “A Chair is a Chair, what you do on one you can do on the other” was what I had been taught. My Teachers were right. Mat & Reformer were out (no lying down). He couldn’t do Baby Chair for obvious reasons. We couldn’t do the Wunda Chair…he would have killed himself! So off to the High Chair we went. On this amazing apparatus, where Stability is honed, I translated the entire Method and created a safe workout, while avoiding the injury. The young man was strong and fit when he returned to the field for his final three games, I stood yet again in wonderment of Joe Pilates genius and grateful for the tools he left us.