My goal is not to tell my instructors what to think but to teach them to think for themselves

The Red Thread® of Pilates: The Foundational Reformer

“How do you build a bridge? On a strong foundation.” -KRN

The Red Thread® of Pilates The Integrated System and Variation of Pilates - The Foundational Reformer® is like a good parent of a baby. It supports you, surrounds you, guides’ you, to make centered and balanced decisions. It tries to give you a stable foundation.

This book is filled with all the tools you need to build a stable foundation. There are clear explanations of transitions between the exercises and how the transitions are exercises themselves. Throughout the book, you will learn the Thread that connects each exercise to develop your unique workout. Each exercises has suggestions on where to safely replace an exercise by applying The Pilates Method. There are thousands of photos, each exercise provides a side view and an Instructors’ view that were taken exactly at the same. The photos and instructions will guide you through each exercise with ease. The book is full of teaching tips and what to look for as well as the Goal and Purpose of each exercise. Perhaps the most important of the books, The Foundational Reformer will help you create a strong and balanced foundation in which all the other work may be supported by. At this level, The Reformer builds a strong and solid Foundational Mat. A strong Foundational Mat is your key to a balanced body and the development of all the exercises to come. Unique to the Red Thread® Book Series, you will not only learn the how of each exercise, but the why, when and what. There are rarely seen variations Ms. Ross-Nash personally was taught and teaches shared here and utilized through the application of her The Red Thread™. These will build stability, strength, Powerhouse, alignment and deepen your understanding of this brilliant method we call Pilates.