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The Red Thread® of Pilates: The Mat

The Red Thread®: The Integrated System and Variations of Pilates - The Mat gives to you over 35 years of experience in the Pilates Method Mat in one book. The book not only instructs how to execute the goal of each exercise, but how to build with variations and challenge each exercise, preparing the body for the next exercise to come. The book explains how and why to choose a variation to suit the needs of the student. It includes a comprehensive look at the connection between not only the Prior Exercise and the "Thread" that binds them, but the "Thread" that runs through the link between the Spinal Function of the exercise's predecessor. The book includes the purpose of each exercise, which enables you to "break it down" so the Purpose remains unchanged and the Method preserved.

The Red Thread®: The Integrated System and Variations of Pilates - The Mat offers Teachers tips on how to spot, what to look for, the Don't, Do's and Major Benefits of the exercise. The 1400 plus photos are taken both from the traditional vantage point and from the Teacher's view. The Pilates Method is also presented in easy to read Charts. These Charts breakdown, in simple form, what to "Add Next". This will enable you to create a perfect workout to strengthen what is weak and challenge what is strong. The Charts offer a multitude of vantage points to build the work from. These include Spinal Functions and cover a vast range of injuries.